FYBOTECH distributes trending collaborative technology to technology solution integrators that provide services to corporate, government and education institutions within Southern Africa.We provide local access and support to global leading products that empower the “modern employee”.We distribute a variety of smart technologies into meeting and learning environments throughout 35 countries in Africa. These collaboration tools re-imagine meeting and learning spaces to foster and embrace the use of 21st century learning and innovation skills (4 C’s). Our promise of value to our customers is to set mutually agreed, accurate and realistic expectations and meet them (every time) FYBOTECH has been a value-added distributor of SMART Technologies since 2002 under the VastraTech banner.

Why partner with Fybotech

Take your business further with credit and reward programs to aid you in maintaining a healthy cash flow.

We provide tools and resources to assist you in building skills to sell and support solutions.

Marketing Services Through FYBOTECH's reseller CONNECT program, we help solution providers generate leads that turn into sales.

Technical Services We provide a wide variety of vendor-specific and cross-platform support to help you provide end-to-end solutions for your end-user customers.

What we do

International Brands

•SMART Technologies
•SAM Labs
•LD Didactic

Vendor & SETA Accredited Courses

•IBM - Harwdware & Software Training
•Hauwei (Africa)
•Cyber Security
•Soft Skills

Managed services

•Help Desk Support
•On site technical support
•Service level agreements
•Installation•Project management
• Solution Design
• ICT Architecture
Whether you require pricing, looking to demo equipment or talk to customer support, FYBOTECH is here to assist you.
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